Frequent Answer Question.

How fare calculated?
Fares are calculated per distance and per time by the app. With the base fare of BND$3.00, fare estimate is calculated thus: BND$3.00 base fare + BND$0.05 per kilometer .

How to Use ONZ

How to request a delivery?
First, download the ONZ app here:, sign up as a new user and get verified. When you’re fully onboarded on the app, fill in your pickup and dropoff locations, the estimate for the trip will show up. Then you can confirm your order. You’ll get email prompts letting you know every phase of the order such as when you’re assigned a pilot and when he’s arrived at your location. 

Click here to watch our tutorial.

Please note that the platform tries to assign the nearest pilot 20-25 minutes before time for pickup. In case the platform is unable to assign automatically, ONZ Support team tries to manually assign the nearby pilots.

Common Issues

Can my pilot ask for a tip?
Pilots are not allowed to ask for tips.